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"You Can't Eat Money": Dreaming Beyond Climate Resilience

As part of the City of Austin Office of Sustainability's Community Climate Ambassadorship, we are compiling a collaborative print zine titled “You Can’t Eat Money: Dreaming Beyond Climate Resilience". This zine will highlight the art, stories, and experiences of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ people, and sex workers in Austin regarding their access to nature, and how this access is impacted by experiences with climate change, gentrification, policing, and otherwise connected themes. Our selection process will prioritize submissions from sex workers and other multiply marginalized individuals, particularly those whose lives and/or labor are criminalized. Contributors will receive $50 per piece accepted. Digital copies will be available online, and print copies will also be distributed in community spaces in Austin, as well as through Sex Workers Educating & Empowering Texans (SWEET), which has partnered with the Office of Sustainability for this project. 


To learn about the Youth Centered Artist & Performance Showcase Event, the counter-part to the zine, please visit 


These prompts below were used to help contributors to the zine and event:

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